Natural Henna Manufacturers

Kirpal Export Overseas (KEO) is a well established Henna provider, manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Henna hair colors, Indian herbs, hair care Henna and seasoning oils. we tend to focuses on producing of a large vary of Henna hair color, natural Henna hair color, attention seasoning & ayurvedic seasoning Henna merchandise, Indian Herbs, certified organic seasonings & herbal extracts. Our seasoning Henna merchandise area unit backed by ten years of intensive analysis dome by our associates in Asian nation and abroad. Ever since institution, we\'ve been the fore-runners in distribution of antique treasures of Henna to the complete world.

We offer natural hair care products as per world standards in terms of quality and specifications. All our seasoning merchandise area unit competent in terms of quality and worth vary, if compared with the most effective within the market. Our shoppers area unit of the very best priority for US and our production activities make sure that the shoppers area unit glad with what we provide. this can be ensured through continuous up-gradation within the techniques of production and with the employment of innovative technologies in our producing processes.

We have continuously maintain our position ahead during this competitive market thanks to our increasing product portfolio, innovative selling initiatives, investment in improvisation and value reductions.

KEO New Manufacturing Unit

Our facility is supplied with the newest machinery that has a leverage producing of our array of hair care Henna and seasoning seasoning Henna merchandise. As a client headed organization, we tend to guarantee timely delivery of the consignments. Our verified business processes is that the outcome of our heritage within the domain. we tend to area unit one among the oldest run corporations and presently the fifth generation of our family is running the business.


Mission at Kirpal Export Overseas is to supply very best quality Henna and Henna based mostly merchandise at competitive costs.

In our endeavors to deliver most profit to bulk patrons, we provide best costs and shopping for deals. the standard of our merchandise is backed by sustained analysis and meets all international standards for hair dyes. Our merchandise area unit upgraded through continuous analysis keeping in mind the dynamical international standards.

Our Product

The broad assortment of merchandise offered by KEO includes natural Henna powder and Henna based mostly hair dyes, piece of writing / seasoning cosmetics, hair dyes, hair colors, Henna hair colors, natural Henna, mehndi, Henna leaves, Indian herbs, Indian ayurvedic hair care merchandise, ayurvedic cosmetics, black Henna, indigo powder, natural indigo and additional.

We area unit a progressive company believe and observe The Karma\'s Theory (Theory of Action), that relies on maintaining a harmonious relation at each front of life, whereas fairly fulfilling duties towards the society and also the self. This philosophy encourages US to take care of top quality and strict delivery schedules and with success cater to the clients\' needs.

• Natural Henna
• Henna based mostly Hair colors
• 100 percent Pure seasoning colors
• 100 percent Pure Natural colors
• Indigo Dye
• Indian Herbs
• Henna in whole Packing
• Hair Oil

Research and Development

Focused R&D initiatives have taken KEO to new heights of success. analysis holds utmost importance in our pursue merchandise of connection that retain their inherent and distinctive characteristics. R&D and innovation underneath controlled conditions has helped in new development and have raised our standards perpetually. We tend to conduct basic analysis, development and tests in our in-house R&D facility. Leading analysis institutes and specialists in varied fields be a part of hands in perfecting systems and support US in our new growth.


We area unit a high quality acutely aware company, operating with meticulously devised quality mechanism. The mechanism encompasses each stage of development. we tend to procure superior & best quality Henna leaves from our regions that area unit most ideal for Natural Henna cultivation & from the farms that we use ancient farming ways. what is more, alternative stages of production are dead underneath controlled conditions, so guaranteeing compliance to outlined standards.

KEO believes in smart and long-standing business association with all our customers. Hence, we\'ve multi - production units in Asian nation producing superior quality Henna and connected merchandise that meet high overall standards. fashionable and ancient analytical skills area unit place to use in testing quality good and period of the merchandise, that area unit sporadically rechecked. Last however not the smallest amount, the client values the therapeutic qualities of a product most. We tend to continuously do intensive clinical trials. We tend to pride in our greatest plus non inheritable regarding one decade of dedication to Herbals the goodwill, through superior quality merchandise.

Product Packaging

We perceive the importance of packaging in our vary of merchandise. From protection to storage, from freshness to potency, most of the aspects of quality area unit outlined by packaging condition. Hence, we tend to create use of best grade packaging material that solely protects the merchandise from external impurities / contamination, however additionally retains the freshness and potency. Our well-integrated filling & packing line packs merchandise underneath healthful conditions. We are able to pack our any product in any size of packing starting from 5ml packs to 50/ two hundred kilo containers. Except for flexibility in weight of packaging, we are able to additionally fill tubes, bottle, jars, pots & pouches etc., as per the need of bulk patrons.

Private Labeling

We KEO experience in producing genuinely natural merchandise like natural Henna powder, Ayurvedic / seasoning cosmetics, Natural Hair Colors, Henna hair dyes, Indian herbs, indigo dye, seasoning hair tonic etc., as per the orders of shoppers. we tend to exhibit high level of ability and correct ourselves to specific needs of shoppers by suggests that of contract producing, new development and personal labeling. We offer natural product in desired amount and sort of packaging that will meet client\'s demand.

Our personal LABELING service, facilitates shoppers to promote our vary of superior quality merchandise, underneath their name. personal labeling is completed as per vendee specification, alternative of packaging sizes and sort, budget, material composition etc. we tend to area unit with success functioning as a reliable company that contract manufactures and personal labels Henna based mostly hair colors & seasoning oils.