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We are best & leading supplier and exporter of Indigo Powder, Indigo Powder For Hair Coloring, Indigo hair dye suppliers, indigo dye exporter, natural indigo supplier.

KEO supply exclusive type of prime quality Indigo from India. this can be a 100 percent pure herb, which supplies deep blue color. Indigo is thought as \"Wasma\" in Arabic and Urdu language. prime quality & pure Indigo once used, starts to impart deep inexperienced color however when twenty four to forty eight hours it changes the color and becomes deep blue. the standard of Indigo is assessed from the intensity of the color. The additional deeper is that the color the higher is that the quality.In India, Indigo farming is used for Medical and material dyes.

KEO is that the solely company that is engaged in mistreatment Indigo for hair color coloring purpose. KEO owns a Indigo farm in India and makes use of the simplest quality of Indigo altogether its merchandise.


Completely flavoring and safe with medical properties, natural indigo dye is obtainable within the variety of cake and may even be pulverized as per the necessity of bulk Indigo. The prime cultivation season for Indigo dyes square measure from August to Dec.

We at KEO create use of Indigo Leaves to form dyestuff yet on prepare medicated toiletries. Our vary of Indigo hair dyes primarily based product includes :

Indigo Leaves Drying System
Indigo Leaves Drying System
Indigo Leaves
Indigo Leaves
Natural Indigo Dyes:-

Natural Indigo Dye is obtained from the process of Indigo leaves. they\'re soaked in water and hard so as to convert the organic compound indican naturally gift within the plant to the blue dye dyestuff. The precipitate from the hard leaf resolution is mixed with a robust base like caustic, ironed into cakes, dried and powdery. The powder is then mixed with varied alternative substances to provide totally different reminder blue and purple.

KEO Farmers in INDIGO Field

KEO Farmers in INDIGO Field

Blue Wild Indigo:-

The Blue Indigo plant (Baptisia australis) conjointly called Blue False Indigo, may be a North yankee nonwoody perennial plant that was utilized by the Cherokee Indians to create a blue dye. Our indigo leaves also are used for creating dye.

Blue Wild Indigo
Indigo Leaves:-

Most natural indigo hair dye is obtained from natural indigo leaves within the Indigofera, that area unit native to the tropic. In Europe, Natural Indigo are often obtained from a wood & dyer\'s knotweed (Polygonum tinctorum). the first business indigo species in Asia is really Indigo, a woody plant found in South eastern Asia. Its flowers vary from red to purple.

Blue Wild Indigo