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3 Times Sifted High Quality Pure and Natural Henna Powder From Sojat Rajasthan

Kirpal Export Overseas is India’s biggest manufacturer and exporter of Mehandi henna powder for hair coloring. Our plant-derived Henna Powder is made with freshly cultivated henna leaves which are sourced from the best land within the City of Henna: Sojat ( Rajasthan ).

Henna, which is also known as Mehandi, is the dried powdered leaf of the henna plant, mainly used to color your hair. The color that results from dying this organic henna Mehandi – is a decent deep orange tinge. This Natural Henna powder is also known as a good hair conditioner and strengthens your hair. Our Henna hair pack improves the scalp’s health and helps maintain healthy-looking lush hair.

Our aim is to provide 100% natural, best quality, chemical-free henna powder. It will give beautiful hair soft and silky best natural color.

rajasthani henna powder for hair

100% Pure and Natural Henna Powder which is directly sourced from henna farmers from Sojat Rajasthan


3 Types of Henna Quality in Indian Market

types of henna quality in market

We always use high-quality henna leaves for making our henna products.


Henna Powder Making Process

step one

We buy high quality dry henna leaves from farmers.

step two

We grind it and filter it into fine powder

step three

We perform all quality measures so that we can get the best quality products

step four

Packaging in high quality mettalic aluminum pouches

Henna Powder Faq's
Our henna color can last from 3 to 4 weeks.
Henna only colors (stains) the top most layer of your skin and hair. This is a layer of dead skin cells which will exfoliate over time.
Yes. The pigments and herbs selected are time-proven and effective on all hair types: Caucasian, African, Asian, Straight, Curly, Frizzy, Beardy, Thick, or Thin Hair. The pigments react to the biological ingredient found in all hair: Keratin (protein).
Yes, It is a natural colorant and strengthener and has all sorts of other benefits such as the reduction of dandruff, and elimination of ringworm and head lice.

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Organic Products

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