Natural Henna Powder For Hair Coloring

India's Leading High-Quality Natural Henna Powder Manufacturer and Exporter

As India’s leading natural henna powder manufacturer and exporter, we offer a product known for its purity and high quality. Our henna powder is made from the best henna leaves and contains no chemicals or additives.

We provide customizable private labeling to fit your brand’s needs and ensure fast delivery with our efficient production and logistics.

With strict quality control, our henna powder delivers consistent, vibrant, and long-lasting color, perfect for hair coloring, conditioning, and creating detailed henna designs. Choose our henna powder for a reliable, high-quality product that will please your customers and support your brand.

natural organic henna powder supplier manufacturer

Product Specification

Product Name Natural Henna Powder
Certification GMP, Halal, ISO, Organic
Place of Origin Delhi, India
Ingredient Pure Natural Henna Leaves Powder
Advantage Gives Natural deep orange color to hair with shine and nourishes
Chemical? No, It's 100% Chemical Free
Feature Smooth and silky hair
Shade Color Deep Orange
Usage Semi-Permanent Hair Dying
Function Long Lasting
natural organic henna powder supplier manufacturer

Why Choose KEO Natural Henna Powder

27+ Years of Experience in Henna Powder Manufacturing

We’ve been making henna powder hair color for over 27+ years. That means we’re highly experienced in the process and know how to make it the best.

Use High Quality Henna Leaves

We always select pure and best quality dry henna leaves for henna powder manufacturing.

Highest Quality Products

We use strict quality checks to ensure our henna products are safe, vibrant, and long-lasting, earning them a good reputation worldwide.

whe choose keo natural henna powder

OEM / Private Labeling Service

We are really good in making henna powder that other companies can sell under their own brand names. We can make special packages, printing boxes, and design labels as per customer requirements.

Premium Packaging

We provide our henna mehandi powder in high quality packagings. We have zipper pouches. Bulk packing is available in 20kg & 25kg bags.

Global Export

We are a global exporter of henna powder. Our commitment to excellence in henna powder allows them to serve a diverse international market with confidence and reliability.

Application Process of Natural Henna Powder

Step 1 Henna Powder Application

Clean hair properly

Before applying the henna dye paste, wash your hair cleanly with shampoo and dry hair properly. Do not apply any conditioner. Henna is always best absorbed in clean hair. There should be no dirt, grime, or oil in your hair.

Step 2 Henna Powder Application

Making henna paste

Mix henna powder with lukewarm water and make the paste. Paste should not be too thick or too thin and should be applicable easily. Rest the color paste for 1 hour. This allows the paste to release and deepens in color.

Step 3 Henna Powder Application

Apply on hair

Apply the henna paste from the ends to the tips of the roots with gloves. Ensure that the henna color paste is completely applied to the hair. If any grayness is observed, apply more paste to that portion. Pay special attention to the hairline.

Step 4 Henna Powder Application

Leave it for 1 hour

Take a plastic wrap or shower cap and cover your hair. This cover will help the henna to set as the cling plastic will keep the henna warm and moist. Leave it for at least 1 hour. The longer you leave it, the deeper the color will be.

Step 5 Henna Powder Application

Rinse out completely

Rinse the henna paste out of your hair with water until the water runs clear. You can then shampoo and condition your hair as usual. Allow your hair to air dry or use a blow dryer on a low heat setting to style it as desired.

Step 6 Henna Powder Application


You can apply natural oils like coconut or argan oil to keep your hair moisturized and enhance the shine. Avoid using heat styling tools for a few days to prevent color fading